The Ruffian eBike

Cruise the streets in the style of motorbikes with THE RUFFIAN, our dynamic and powerful eBike. Make the streets your stage and be sure to catch the attention of everyone around you! Equipped with the power of the strongest BOSCH drive on the market, you can cope with steepest inclines, as well as your daily tours and cruises around the countryside.

A high-performance eBike for real people, who don‘t want to make any compromises when it comes to style and quality, with the added benefit of riding a zero-emissions vehicle!

Ruffian Brown 720.png




Powdercoated Aluminium Frame AI 7020




LED Headlight/Rear Light



Ruff Cycles Aluminum Bridges with CrMo Legs




Shimano Deore Hydraulic

Handle Bar:


Ruff Cycles Z-Dragbar (CrMo)




NuVinci N330 Nabe with stepless Shifting



Bosch Performance CX 250W (75Nm)




Double-Wall Aluminum 26“ 65mm



Bosch Performance PowerPack 500Wh




Cruzo Classic 26“ x 3.0“

Max. Speed:


25km/h Pedelec. No license required.
20mph / 32kmph




208 x 98 x 78 cm /
6’10” x 3’2″ x 2’7″



Leather Cruiser Saddle




33kg / 73 lbs


Ruffian Brown Outdoors.jpg

Handling & Power

A breathtaking design, powered by the strongest BOSCH Drive Unit: The Performance CX. Specifically engineered for mountain bikes, this drive unit offers an impressive 75Nm. The biggest BOSCH Performance PowerPack (500Wh) of THE RUFFIAN gives you a range of up to 90Km. In only 3.5 hours the system is fully recharged, while needing only 1.5 hours for 80%.



Our bikes are handcrafted, designed, and built in Germany. Our passion is shared through the bikes we build, and we invite everyone to experience our craftmanship. Creating a great looking bike with an authentic and genuine character is not enough for us; great importance is equally placed on our components and specifically developed parts.